Sony Bravia Commercial

4:09 PM

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I found this in youtube while I am looking for some references for "bouncing ball" for my digital animation assignment. The Sony Bravia Commercial, for the first sight I thought it was a CG effect but actually it is real colorful 350,000 bouncing balls rolling down the street of San Fransisco. really impressed me.

The commercial. Sony.color like no other.

The making of...

Lim Fang Wee

Why TAG ME??

3:24 PM

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Kena tag by Miss Eunice AW HWEE YAN~~~~~ this is her chinese name!

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1.I do not know why she tagged me and I dun like to be tagged.
2.Anywhere I try to solve this tagging game because I've never did it b4.
3.I am a guy going to 20 this November.
5.I love my girlfriend.
6.I love girls.
7.I love basketball.
8.I love to eat, sleep, hit Dong Dong.(吃饭睡觉打东东)
9.I study design yet Im not a good designer.
10.I am trying hard to be a good one - good guy, good son, good boyfriend, good designer, good friend.
11.I know a lil bit Japanese language.
12.I have a Canon EOS 400D.
13.I do not know why I am here and I also do not know when I will disappear.
14.I have nothing to type now because I dunno what else I can say.
15.I have spent a few minutes typing this post.
16.I want to take a nap now but I still have class.......=.=

I tag..
ShenThuu----because he's Hikaru's bf
JiaHoe------for no reason
Richard-----he likes to eat
Jun---------i do not know whether he will give any respond
SouPeng-----he's bz now

Lim Fang Wee

Live your life to the MAX

4:36 AM

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Hell yeah...once again I couldn't get into my dream at this moment. Thanks to the 3D modeling the earlier night, it made me suffer the whole night modeling the whole thing and submitted it on 11am. It was a very very terrible model.(TOLD YOU NOT TO DO WORK LAST MINUTE!) What's next? Whole afternoon sleeping without going any afternoon classes. That is the reason why I'm still with my eyes open and writing this post here.

So what I can do? Facebook? Msn? I nudge Miss EuniXX and talk about our course works. Later I mentioned about her accident recently and asked whether she went for Bai Bai(make a prayer) anot? She's damn bad luck since she met another accident few months ago. And then she told me:
*now i feel more like live life 2 da max!!
*appreciate every moment
*do wadever i wan
*eat wad ever i wan
*cuz i really dono wad'll happen next

And I reply:
*kao every Zai u see (tackle every guys you see)

Haha...she's a positive thinking and cheerful gal. A simple joke can make her laugh like hell. You can hear her voice although she is far away from you. LOL...btw...strongly agree with her words.
We do not know what will happen next so please live your life to the MAX. Spend more time with your love ones. GOD BLESS YOU ~ Amitabha~ and I sincerely wish her luck in the future.

Lim Fang Wee


8:14 AM

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I woke up early in the morning today and I found this video. It's from Zack Arias talking about photography.

The video inspired me a lot.

Lim Fang Wee