Luxation on my little finger...again

12:46 AM

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"What the hell is going on in this Earth..."is the first thing came out from my thought when I got my little finger luxated again. Yeah, it's "again" and it's on the right hand this time! I remember just a month before, on 28th March I got my little finger on left hand injured. It was a lovely evening and the weather was great. I was playing basketball with my friend and suddenly, it hurt. I looked at my left hand and OMG ! It's totally out of imagination...the shape of my little finger was .. "twisted" .. It's not a straight finger.. and I can't describe the shape here.

After that my friend brought me to a place and then the "sifu" pulled and straighten my little finger...Gosh! It hurts! Then he wrapped my finger with some own-made traditional herbs and reminded me do not let the finger to get wet. This is where the problems and troubles started. I can use only one hand to bath, wash my face and style my hair... u know... it's a very hard time..

Finally I unwrapped the gauze and I can continue my 'normal' lifestyle..using both of my hands...

After 1 it's being wrapped again.. right hand...for the same reason again...

T.T speechless . . .

*photo taken at 28March2008

*photo taken 24 March2008 (couple hours ago)

and now... it's balance . . .LOL ?

Lim Fang Wee

Computer Graphics Assignment 2

10:26 PM

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"Make Lat's comic alive for 'lively' education" is the title of this assignment. We are divided into groups of two and I'm with LJH. Spending few days brainstorming on the idea and planning on how the scenes should go on and two nights without sleeping...Finally we've made it.
And guess what...Our lecturer and tutors are seem to be admired and satisfied with our work. One of them even said "I almost give you perfect marks, I like it!"
Oh my...our hard work has paid off...WAHAHA !!! It's such a relieve when we heard this.

So now a very brief explain about my assignment...
We are given a comic strip by Lat and we have to animate it. LJH is working on the graphic and my part is to animate it.

The coloring job is perfectly done by LJH...and now is my part to animate it. Below is the SS in flash. With my experience of watching cartoon, I've got some idea on how the scene should goes on. It was the hardest part when I need to make Lat walking naturally. It's not an easy job for me. I go through google with the key words 'walk cycle tutorial flash', and found some nice tutorial on doing the walking motion.

Lastly the sound effect is the key element in flash. Without sound, it is just a boring motion graphic...With sound, it's an short animation ! Wow.. nice!!

So... that's what Me and Lim Jia Hoe have done for this assignment... Congratz to everyone: SP, Shen2, Richard, Jun... (applausing...)

ps: We are newbie in flash

Lim Fang Wee