18 Days in Taiwan: Introduction

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Hello everyone who visit my blog. There's been quite a long time I didn't update my blog due to my heavy workloads. What make thing worse is my time management, I couldn't manage time well and it make me suffer alot this semester. Finally the semester came to the end and I've been planned a trip to Taiwan with my friends. Wow~ it's my first time travel oversea and it's a 18 days trip~

Soupeng, AhLai, AhXiang (UTAR student, AhLai's hometown buddy) and me have been planning for this trip weeks ago. Things seems like not going very well, it's hard to decide which hotel to stay, where and how we want to go... etc...Anywhere, we visit this backpackers forum and we met alot of Taiwan friends there who help us alot.

Why Taiwan?
See this blog and you will understand. These five girls from Hong Kong travelled to Taiwan 27 days and they wrote about everything during their journey. It's very funny and alot of nice picture. Drop a visit when you have free time. After reading their articles, I feel like "I want to go Taiwan too!" Really! And now it's my turn to share my moments in Taiwan. Thanks for visiting^^

I'm now in TaiDong, going to Green Island tomorrow. Let's take a look of some photos.

Getting ready to go~

Our flight to Taipei.

The view outside the window.

Arrived Ximending, Taipei.

Ah Zhong Mian Xian

Little Yellow.

Qing Jing Farm.

Little boy with sheep.

With friends in Gao Xiong.

Soon I will update my blogs sharing my experience during this journey. I'll type in Chinese because it is easier to describe certain spots. Falling in love with Taiwan ~!!

Lim Fang Wee