It's over! Going to Beta year!

11:54 PM

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Yeah, finally it comes to the end, everything has been submitted and I'm finally free! ^^
So today I am posting these 2 major assignments that took me years and lotz of efforts to finish them.

First one is Design Fundamental...this is quite a tough job for me at first. We need to produce a portfolio based on our chosen topic. I'm nt good in drawing and painting, tat's why it's tough for me. So I came up with this idea, design using photoshop and print it out. It cost me nearly a hundred for this portfolio buy luckily I didn't spend much on the final artwork.

Certain part of the portfolio.

I was drawing my final artwork in my friend's room, charcoal drawing on canvas.

Ready for submission, GO~

Right after submission of DF (Design Fundamental), I went to my bed and sleep. We didn't really sleep due to the last minute work.
The next day, I need to finish another important assignment for Computer Graphics. It's me and my previous group mate, Jia Hoe again. LIMS - our group name. It's another sleepless night. We brainstorm on how to do this assignment and start working at 1am, and the next couple hours we need to present and submit it.

Continue to the previous assignment, this time we need to make a trailer to promote Lat's comic. The theme is "Lat's comic is now alive". We have to combine some other student's animation in assignment2 in our video. I saw a flash on Internet which called "Pencilmation" and I try to achieve something like that. It's an animation where a pencil sketching on a notepad. It's good when I know I could do it and then I proceed the next steps based on the idea.

Cover page for documentation.

A screen shot in Flash CS3.

Yataa~ DONE DONE, everything has been done~
Now I have only a few exam papers and after that I got break! And after that, I am a Beta year student~!!!

Lim Fang Wee