Another night without sleeping

3:42 AM

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It is 3.46 am now and I'm still doing nothing while my roommates are doing their work for consultation with lecturers tomorrow. Dull...I dunno what am I doing. Wasting time surfing the net and get nothing. Oh my... I am extremely being attracted to photography now... and I spend my time looking for tutorial and tips.

Body decaying . . .50%

Lim Fang Wee

Desktop publishing

6:49 PM

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It's quite a long time since my last post. Now I'm in my 3rd semester, the last sem in my foundation year and I m heading to my beta year~~ Excited thinking of this....cant wait for the new challenge to come.

And I m now focusing on learning photography... It's a different world out there through the lens.

Today's post is about my Computer Graphics 3 assignment recently. We learn desktop publishing. I m quite disappointed with the software we use - QuarkXpress. I wonder why don't they teach us Adobe softwares like Adobe InDesign...

However, I m able to produce my work no matter what... It is still a simple software to use...

and this is the interface... QuarkXpress is all about boxes, I play around with the picture box and text box using the guidelines and grid.

The cover page in pdf form...The assignment is to introduce myself to others, so i took a picture of my leg and use it as cover. i done my assignment 1, waiting for more challenge..~~ ^^

Lim Fang Wee