Balance between both?

3:57 AM

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It's 4am rite now and I've just finish doing the mounting job for photography project. Tomorrow is the submission. I wonder why can't I finish it earlier or else my life would be easier...
This is my Beta first sem, it's very very important for my coming semesters but in this very very important sem I joined my campus 12th CNYE and my post is strongly related to my profession - director of Creativity and Design division. It sounds like .. director.. not a big pose or maybe for somebody it's an easy task. For me it's my first time joining such events so I've got to learn faster and more efficiency compared to others. I worried if I will become the stumbling block among the committees.
1 more thing I worried alot is my own assignments. There's one sentence to describe, NEVER ENDING WORKLOAD! What make thing worse is that I'm kinda lazy fellow and I do work last minutes. OMG... this time...
Another friend of mine told me, I have to search for a balance between both- my academic and event. Academic is my future and I have responsibility towards the committees.
So why would I join the event? I do not really know the answer but one thing for sure is that I really have fun with you guys and I love it. I wish we could make this a success and leave a sweet memories within us.
Good luck everyone! Gambateh!

Lim Fang Wee