Leisure Spot

10:55 PM

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Phew...quite a long time since my last post...damn boring break...I wan a part time job!!! MORE INCOME = MORE POCKET MONEY!!!

Well...b4 my break I went to visit my fren who is currently studying in UCSI and he brought me to this leisure restaurant. INTRODUCING!!! 'Leisure Spot' it called... very comfortable environment..

'Secret' by Jay Chou??lol
See? Very creative idea on the decoration...
Liquid paper writing on tables and walls...
There are some magazines too...
and also mangas (comics)
Is these stuffs here for decoration?
Free online service!!!
Very pleasurable...
suitable for couples for sweet date too!
For more details, don't hesitate to visit here http://www.leisurespot.com.my/station/eatdrink/freeneasy.htm
Have fun~

Lim Fang Wee

Yogata! I got break now!

1:35 AM

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Finaly the final exam is over and I could spend my holiday with my family and friends! In this very second I hope to be at home as fast as posible, I miss the foods! and also my own bed! I din see my brothers for a month, can't wait to go back and tweak his naughty, cute face! OMG... i can't sleep tonight!!!!

Lim Fang Wee

I'll die before graduate?

11:18 PM

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I didn't sleep last night but I sleep today from 8am to 6pm...this is not the first time...what a life...my body is gonna decay...OMG...
and what I did during the time when people sleeping?
I did this...
I found a photoshop video tutorial at metacafe and after that I try it myself.
Once I get into it, it can't be stopped...so I play around with some old photos until the sun rises.

This is my class photo during my last year in secondary school...sweet memory with them...

and this one is my buddies in hometown...those pictures were taken couple years ago...

I did realise that we have gone through alot...and hence we are now what we are...Miss those days...keep it up everybody!
...and now I am having an exam tomorrow, Media Appreciation. It's all about 'media' and 'appreciating' ... gosh... I don't feel like to study now...
So...let's get a sleep....Zzzz...

Lim Fang Wee

Trivias in MMU (My life)

I study in MMU...
...in Faculty of Creative Multimedia...
...Some might said it's Faculty of Crazy Moron...
...but I am still focusing...
...I learn how to draw...

...but not to draw with such posture...

...not this posture as well...

...the buildings are high...
...I wish I could fly...
...even not in the sky...

...together with my friends...
...I wish we could survive...

Lim Fang Wee

Trivias in MMU (Bon Odori Trip)

1:15 AM

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It has been a long time since I entered MMU. I've lots of fun here. I'm gonna upload some funny and memorable pictures here. Since I arrange the pictures randomly it might looks messy ~^^

MMU rocks!

Yokoso Japan!

What a face...

Bon Odori trip with MMU gang.

Put your hands up ~

Sweet looking Japanese girl~ Kawaii !!!

Lim Fang Wee

Final Exam

2:18 AM

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"Dear all,Below are the topics for final exam:
Digital Technolgy
History of Computers - same content as the mid term quiz
Components of the PCs
Vector graphics (web-based lecture)
MultimediaFile formats
Symbols and signs
Please read your notes in class, the ppt slides in the classesonline as well as the Chapters in The Multimedia Pavillion Book - Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 15.
by Dr Ken Neo"

Wow...there are a lot more I have to study tonight. The exam is..(let me count..hmm..)..12 hours more to go. It's 2.30am now and my roomates and I are preparing for this. Computer Graphics 1 final exam.

Stress? No no no, not really stress but responsibility. On behalf of a good student, spending my parents' money in this university, I should go through this exam with better achievements.

So...let's go through it.

Lim Fang Wee

Design Fundamental 1

6:42 PM

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Global Warming mind map

The second mind map

Object from nature

Design for final project

and the Final artwork

These are some of my assignment works for Design Fundamental 1 in the first semester. They are not amazing masterpieces of anyone but my assignments. From the beginning it might be a bad artwork but at least I learn from the process..

Lim Fang Wee