Exhibition in e-gallery

2:25 AM

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Yo! I am back. First of all I wanna say thanks to all my frenz here in MMU for giving me my 18 years old birthday memory.

Thanks alot to Soupeng, Richard, AhYong, Jun, JiaHoe, ShenThuu, JJ, Stefan, AhHao..!!
Do I miss anyone? Haha! Thx everyone! Arigatou Minasan!
Well...I m supposed to post this during 11th November but it's ok

Now for today post:

There was an art exhibition in e-gallery in MMU yesterday. Excellent FCM Alpha students' works will be displayed.
I felt both excited and despair for this. Excited for my Alpha coursemates for doing so well and usually only Delta year students' works will be displayed. Alpha means the first year and Delta is the last year in my faculty. So I am proud to be in Alpha year. What dissapointing is that my work isn't there...

Who to blame? Myself... and Why? because others are paying much more effort than I do. So I promised myself to do better than I was before. Hearing that there will be more exhibition of Alpha year students' works this year, I am motivated. I want my work to be displayed there next time! This is what I told myself and I believe everyone in Alpha year has the same thinking. We will get there!
Taking photo with my frens in e-gallery. Keep it up everyone!

Lim Fang Wee

I am BACK!

9:52 PM

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I am back to MMU! A new semester starts tomorrow 8am! It's quite early and I have to sleep early tonight and every Sunday. I am tired and moody now but happy to see everyone is back! My roomate and those live near me. I like the feeling!! LOL...

Wish I have a new happy semester!

Lim Fang Wee