First submission - DONE!

10:54 PM

(3) Comments very first assignment in Beta year. Previous semester I've learnt how to use flash, it's a long story. Now this is another long story. 3D max, I'm dealing with 3D now. Wow...sounds exciting but the process...OMG..."convert to editable poly", "extrude", "bevel"...the process took me YEARs!!! Btw I managed to get in done before the submission day.

It's not very well rendered if you look closer. The keypad is abit "square-ish" compared to the actual N80. The keypad is actually round-cornered but due to the limited skill and time I could only managed to do this. T.T
I myself is not that satisfy with the work. BTW it's another new challenge for me.
がんばってください !!!

Lim Fang Wee

Bon Odori 2008

3:23 PM

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Yeah~ It's Bon Odori again at Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam. Just like last year, there're lots of people (Nihon Jin + Mare-Sia Jin), lots of nice food, nice looking girl with Yukata. Let's see some pictures I've taken.

In the Panasonic Sports Complex.

The stage.

Very nice weather when we got there.

Shen2 with JUICY sausage!

She's promoting ice-cream.

Sir, you want some beer?

Bon Odori trip with my buddies. Photog team??

Well, we all owned a DSRL and now planning to organize a photographyclub in MMU. Will it be? We'll see... lol...

Please visit my Flickr for more photos ^^

Lim Fang Wee