Merry Xmas ???

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Hohoho...Merry Xmas ??? Christmas has passed couple hours ago... and how i have celebrated my Xmas? LOL... i celebrate it in my hostel in campus doing my final project.
Most of my friends here went back to their hometown to celebrate it with their family, friends or their loved one.

Haiz...lonely Christmas with Jia Hoe and Shen Thuu in MMU...T.T

Here's some photo i've taken recently. I smell Xmas, see Xmas but didn't feel Xmas...

Very nice Xmas decoration in Sungai Wang.

Big Xmas tree in front of Low Yatt Plaza

BIGGER Xmas tree in Time Square!

Very nice view from 3rd floor!

and the last one, taken last week when i went to saloon in 1Utama!

So, what does Christmas means? LOL...

Lim Fang Wee

BC Hydro Holiday Card

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Please kindly visit this site to make donation to BC children's hospital.

Anywhere the flash is quite nicely done~

Lim Fang Wee

Comic Fiesta@Time Square 2007!!

11:40 PM

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In the early morning, there's something waiting for me and my frenz here. Comic Fiesta at Berjaya Time Square! Richard (anime freak), SouPeng, Shen Thuu ('mixed' Japanese), Jia Hoe and I, together visit the exhibition!

However, the KLIA transit didn't wait for us and we waited for another 30 minutes... T.T

Finally we arrived, there's a big crowd in front of the building. Guess what? We met with Karen Kong again~

A very huge and tall christmas tree in the entrance! Merry X'mas !
And then, we walked to the 6th floor and time to have fun! A lot of cosplayer during the exhibition!


-very fancy costume and make up-

-Jiraiya VS ???-

-Rukia and Gempaqi-

-Kurosaki Ichigo-


-13 squads action-

-this fellow is the best among all Shinigami(s)-

-cosplay- by me ^^(the swords are heavy)

-photographing with different cosplayers.

-collection of models-

wuhuu~~ very sexy ~~ (nose-bleeding...)

-the last photo taken in the comic fiesta-

This is my first time attending such exhibition. I met with some of my favorite "characters"

Anywhere there's a lot more photos taken by me using N80 in my flickr album.
By the way, a Canon or Nikon dslr camera is coming soon...

Feel free to visit my flickr.

Lim Fang Wee

USB power!!!

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I found some pretty cool USB stuff !!!

Dream Cheeky & Microsoft Building a Better USB Missile Launcher

For those of you that bought the original USB Missile Launcher, you know that it can be a blast to play with at the office. Unfortunately, with it being tethered to your PC via a cable, it left little doubt as to who was the culprit of the daily executions. Thankfully it's gotten a few upgrades!

Now you can place the USB Wireless Missile Launcher all over the place, as long as it can get a signal, and fire them while blaming it on someone else. I wonder if you can set up multiple ones all over the place and control them individually. Maybe you want to have a little more fun at home, so they developed the USB MSN Missile Launcher (co-developed with Microsoft) as well. Now you can sit in your chair and via the detachable video camera let all your friends shoot missiles right in your eye. I think I'll get one of these for a friend and tell him the camera is to detect people coming in his room, not so I can shoot him at random intervals.

Dream Cheeky doesn't appear to have the new launchers on their website but expect them there soon. Until they do, use the picture to hold you over. The MSN launcher is on top and the wireless version to the bottom.

and now is this what we called paperless ??

USB Business Card Contains Flash Memory Sans the Plug

Sometimes a business card is just what you need, other times it isn't. Often when meeting with a client you need to deliver something to them and in today's fast paced tech era, paper is simply old school. If you want to make an impression, you better be able to hand over something that can be looked at electronically. So why not give them a business card with all of your deliverables inside it?

The USB business card dubbed the M++Card does just that. Turn over your entire portfolio, a set of PDF's, or any number of other documents and give them your business card at the same time. After doing some digging on the net it appears that this is just a concept for the time being. Nothing is mentioned about how much storage will be available but you can bet that it won't be much to start with. I can see this being practical on a small scale but I don't see these as being something you hand out like candy, unless you are looking to go bankrupt. This isn't the first attempt at a techie type business card we've seen, but certainly seems to be a little more practical.

Lim Fang Wee

Have you smile today?

10:24 PM

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A smile a day keeps the trouble away...

Lim Fang Wee